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Our main focus is helping our clients create value

We are a strategic branding, innovation and growth firm

We’ve helped companies produce superior economic profit . Britten creates efficiencies by helping companies to:

improve their margins — with strategic and operating engineering and 

market timing/multiples expansion—fine tune market timing through data analysis and spotting undervalued assets (brands)


Growth (eg. Revenues, sales) – higher market share- through dominating niches competitors cannot serve, benefit advantage. 

Undervalued brand— with image issues

Decommoditize, creating new niches 


Pricing (e.g. Gross Margins, COGS/Sales) – higher gross margin, due to COGS advantage and price premium due to benefit advantage.

Efficiency and scale (SG&A/Sales)—lower SG&A/sales ratio, due to superior efficient marketing.

    - spread the fixed portion of SG&A due to larger volumes


Efficiencies in Working Capital (lower capital to sales ratio) efficiencies in use of fixed assets.


Customer Strategy and Marketing

Growth thru digital analytics, which allows you pursue a micro segmentation strategy, that enhances the digital experience.

Pricing— improve your pricing and avoid leaving money on the table. Support the pricing strategy thru an appropriate brand architecture.

Create a magic for your clients by building an emotional bond, move from a brand centric approach to a customer centric approach, that enhances all the points of contact with your brand.

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